By: Voice of Silence~

son you're the reason why

Now son…Let’s just sit and talk awhile
Lately your mother …She doesn’t seem to smile
And I’ve noticed a teardrop in her eye
Son can it be “You’re the reason why?”
Now your MOM called me just today
She was sad and here’s what she had to say
Lately… You’ve started to back Sass
You broke her heart…You told her kiss your Ass
And another thing I shall tell
Your Mother…said you told her…Go to Hell
Now Son…Why do you talk to your MOM that way
Yes, Please…What do you have to say?
Someday your MOM won’t be around
and when she’s six feet underground
Then you’ll talk a different tone
standing over her all alone
So Son…Stop and think just a little while
Wouldn’t you try to make your MOM smile
Just hear these words I have to say
Tell your MOM…You love her everyday
No matter if your Mom’s wrong or right
Stick up for her in a quarrel or fight
Even Son stand with her even….If against me
I’ll love you both still…No matter what you see
Your MOM keeps a roof over your head
and Your MOM she keeps you warm and keeps you fed
So listen to what she says to do
Son…She’s just looking out for you
I like to see a twinkle in her eye
Then Son..I’ll know … You’re the reason why
Total Eclipse Of The Heart - VOS