By: RogueThisle009~

(~~Constanza Format~~)
Beautiful blossom, comes the spring
Deeply inhale, breathe its essence
Rain, life renewed, spring in balance
Butterflies dancing on the wing
In the forest, a lark warbles
Awaiting the birth of April
Rains of warmth, flowers they bring
Spouting forth, rainbows of color
Spider weaving, artist builder
Relax, meditate, sparrow sings
Pleadingly calling for its mate
The hatchlings birth they now await
From tiny shell, comes a fledgling
Crying hungrily, time to eat
Fuzzy round body, tiny feet
Bees gathering nectar may sting
Honey, all so sweet and divine
Its sweetness transcends all of time
Thru the clouds, the sun is peeking
Like manna bringing forth new life
The cricket, the owl, the nightlife
Birth of the grand awakening
From springs breath, life begins anew
Peeking thru the earth, into view
© Copyright 2012