By: CCPoems4U~

As ya ponder ore’ the way it was,
Younger days forever lost.
Playing out yer youthful times,
Regardless of the cost.
Not a simple cash amount,
To satisfy some debt,
The price is your abuse of time,
For the past you needn’t fret.
The youth ya left behind, young Miss.
Is what we call “Old Hat“,
Your life begins today, me Lass,
How do ya fancey that ?
As far as chasin’ Mr. Wind,
Well, you’ve lost a step or two.
But if ya stand here long enough,
The wind will come to you.
That wind will help you realize,
Theres so much of life to live,
And with your heart of Gold, young Lass,
You’ve got so much to give.
So, Lassie be fair, and Lassie be fine,
try to get this through yer head.
If ya think yer time has past,
still ya needn’t dread.
Seasons pass, dreams come and go
And time can not recind,
Think I know ya well enough to see,
You’ve already caught the wind.
D.O. Smith 08