By: CCPoems4U~

I’m just a broken Ken doll,
in the tiny used toy store,
I’ve been chewed on by my owners dog,
And dragged around the floor.
One leg sorta dangles there ,
my clothes in disrepair,
Surely I’ve seen better days,
But it seems nobody cares.
I once stood proudly on the shelf,
Next to Barbie , in a set,
Barbie and I, the perfect couple
From the first time that we met.
Barbie’s Wedding Set, Now on Sale,
Just $19.95
Ken and Car sold separately.
Who cares, I couldn’t drive.
As Barbie’s fame and fortune grew,
I became old news,
GI Joe had his own Movie
Though met with mixed reviews.
Malibu Barbie, G I Joe,
Every kid had one.
Joe and Barbie shared a shelf
Looked like ol` Ken was done
But the thing that hurts me most of all,
And I find is most bizarre,
Was the Divorcé Barbie Set on sale,
Includes my House and Car.
D.O. Smith 08