By: J.Lee~

the crow

That morning I sat watching the trees
when I noticed something staring at me
Two dark little eyes in concert with mine
drew a cowardly feeling that raced down my spine

When a whistling pot I rose to attend
the window left open I heard him fly in
on the chair he lit just as he pleased
with those black little eyes staring at me

He began to speak in riddles and rhymes
the words he spoke could have been mine
“A life you possessed alone these past years
to those you left it brought sorrow and tears”

“Why are you here and how do you know?”
he ruffled his feathers “for I am a crow”

“I spoke to you once while at the stream”
“I am the one you hear when lost in your dreams”
“I’ve come to help you and to guide you home,
“Be lost you will if you try it alone”

“I will show you how and with me as your guide
I shall give you wings… I will teach you to fly”

Set in confusion I’ve only one thing to say
“Is it possible, please, that I not leave here today?”
His answer was quick as he raised his voice
“It’s already happened…you have no choice”

Talked we sat for hours it seemed
A talking crow, of course, this is a dream!

With wings from a blackbird I flew to the sky
effortlessly soaring with a crow at my side

Feel not saddened for I am now free
of the sins and regrets that weighed so on me

This heavenly story I wished you to know
do not fear to fly along side a crow.

jarea` poet