By: J.Lee~


Grandmas house so old and dark
Staying there was never fun
Grandma acts strange sometimes
She has fooled everyone

Grandma killed the neighbors cat
she drowned it in the sink
She raised the sweater from the suds
then smiled and gave a wink

I watched her bury a body in back
a stone now where it lays
Now there is a flowering pot
that marks the unknown grave

While in the garage late at night
my fears are much much higher
Sounds of saws and body parts
returning kindling for the fire

Each day she likes to sharpen things
I watched her hone the ax
She plans to wait till I am asleep
before the bloody attack

I heard my grandma late one night
the neighbor kid she baked
Celebrating lighting candles
then appearing with a cake

Each time I watch my Grandma
cutting things with her saw
I cannot stop wondering
what really happened to Grandpa

jarea poet