By: Dreadlox33~~

Disheveled raincoat
Basement psychosis;
Long distance phone calls
Contorted prognosis.
Bluebeard despotic
Witchcraft decor;
Plug in the flashdrive
Receptionist’s chore.
Fishtank pirahna
Flesh off the bone;
Atypical therapy
Turn off the phone.
Candlewax meltings
Dripped on the skin;
Confessional alter
Wheres life begin…
Tattoo’d obsessions
Angelic skills;
Demonic possession
Porcupine quills.
Red district houses
Silk, lace and power;
Occupational hazzard
Sold by the hour.
White collared lawyers
In the Emperors clothes;
Silver chain eyelet
…hooked through the nose.
Latex mask shoelace
Bound on the head;
Erotic Asphyxia
Hope you’re not dead.
Black heart the Red Queen
Cold blood affection;
Castro in Cleveland
…lethal injection.
Head banging music
Coke head suspension;
Back seated lovers
Condom convention.
Lids stapled open
Pierced through the flesh;
Craigslist proposal
Who would have guessed?
Failed intervention
“The world’s wrong …not me.”
Consequence comes with a price
…it’s not free.
Draconian madman
Red vampire rose;
It’s five o’clock somewhere
Sorry …we’re closed.
~ ….ian
~ 7-16-14