When I was a child, my dreams were quite small
Of picnics and pizzas, square blocks and round balls
Of puppies and kittens, leaf piles in fall
Yes, when I was a child, my dreams were quite small.
It seems that so many of those dreams came true
So few disappointment the child, me, knew
So much in my life, in my world was brand new…
And it seems that so many of my dreams came true!
So time, and life passed and my dreams took a turn
I dreamed I could master all I could learn
I gathered life’s trophies, that was my concern
To have all the perks that ambition could earn
The house and the cars, the great family
The job that friends wanted, I had their envy
I dreamed and I worked so that those dreams might be
And I coveted all of it right there for me
Again time and life passed, and age came along
And yesterdays dreams seemed to be wrong
So I dove in the future, blind and headstrong
My trophies of life, now didn’t belong
But the dreams I now dream, simply can’t be
My heart and my soul, and my head all agree
What was is now gone, and I ford clumsily
And all that I want is someone loving me…
But dreams are for children, whose wants are still small
Who can find great joy in any and all
Who can still find pleasure in a bike or a doll
Dream little children, while your dreams are still small!
Sandy lee
© 2014Sandy lee (All rights reserved)