By: Dreadlox33~~

Come up to the rooftops
And be with me;
Above the city’s insincerity.
Above the drug lord’s…
Where the neon lights flash
Forever on.
Where a policeman dies
For a deal gone down;
From the crowded subways…
Come up to the roof
To stay with me;
To free your thoughts
From obscurity.
From the yellow taxis that
Criss-cross blacktopped streets;
Where the homeless indigent
Sleeps on cardboard sheets.
Where the steroid athlete
In a limousine rides;
Above the Dow Jones…
Of things not shared
Come share with me;
Above life’s beautiful tragedy.
Where on a chalky sidewalk
A poet writes;
From an ethnic hate crime’s
Switchblade fights.
When the soapbox preacher
Claims the world might end.
Where the ACLU
In your words defend.
From the techno depravities
Rabbit hole;
Where the Doomsday prophet
Undermines his soul.
Come up from the streets
That we’re dying in;
From the addicts needle
Punctured skin.
From the smog and the fog
Where we suffocate;
From the dark, lost happiness
We imitate.
Come up, look down
At what’s been lost
…from the rail-car artist’s holocaust.
Come up to the roof
Above the street-light pulpits,
Above the Xerox bullies
And the political puppets.
Come up to the roof
And sit with me;
Where your mind
Can again…seek its clarity.
Where a thousand thoughts
Intersect the cinder sky.
Where my dreams of you
Refuse to sleep or die.
~ …..ian