By: Foxseaone~

wandered around the field
wondering and imagining
                 what you would say
                            as if you were
                    strange how it was the same
trees dirt and     grass    sky    birds
yet the feeling was     different
                    the wind felt
         your absence too
left me shuttering with its questions
i wanted to curl up in my old bed        

                    look out  the window    
                  without a care
                         seemed so simple     

                                                    sleep was not a foe
i had you to talk to then
and didnt need to talk to you
                          as much as i do now
                  time shifts with limbs listless
ashes to ashes we return
for a moment  i feel as if
               i am standing on
                          unsteady ground
wishing i werent so           aware
c.s. fox