By: Snoopkitty165~


I am out in my yard
Planting my flowers
The ground is still wet
From the first April showers

I cover each plant
With the greatest of care
Using fresh fertilizer
From my once prized mare

I have finished my work
Time to sit for a rest
My garden is all done
I feel quite blest

Before my flowers can bloom
For all to enjoy
Some of natures help
I must still employ

So I sit and wait
For the show to begin
His little stinger
Moving out then in

I hear his buzzing
Coming around that tree
Why there he is
Yes it’s Tom the Bee

His flight is staggered
As he moves up and down
Carrying his pollen
From all over town

He finishes his work
And looks over at me
Thanks for your help
Thank you Tom the Bee
By snoopykitty or sk