By: Dreadlox33~

The two secret agents sat laughing
As they exchanged fond stories.
Years of Cat and Mouse
As adversaries
Had them chasing one another
Throughout Europe
In a underworld river
Of spy ring espionage.
Now retired,
They talked about Moles, Dossiers,
The Kremlin and Microfilm,
Starburst Maneuvers,
And the Budapest Assignment.
“Here, I want you to have this.
Promise not to open the envelope
Until the appropriate day
On your death bed,” Greyfox asked Viking.
(…their respective agency code names.)
They shared a glass of scotch
To commemorate the years
They hounded each other
Each spying for their country
…gaining knowledge on the other.
“You were formidable,” Viking
Said to Greyfox.
“And you were stealth,” said the East German
Admiring Viking’s “trenchcoat prowess.”
Moments later Greyfox grabbed
His throat, looked into his
Empty scotch glass and knew immediately
From his burning indigestion
And tingling nervous system;
“You poisoned me,” he asked Viking?
“Belladonna,” the agent said proudly,
As his quarry fell to the floor
Succcombing to a quick death
From the poisoned drug;
Greyfox could do nothing but die…laughing.
Very mysterious Viking thought
As he asked himself how
His spy opponent,
The man he tracked throughout Europe
For thirty years during the Cold War
And someone he thought he knew so well,
Could now die…laughing?
And then he too began to feel
An unusual volcanic reaction
In his stomach.
His eyes bulged, hemorraging as he knew
Something to be equally wrong.
He tore open the envelope Greyfox,
His underworld bretheran,
Had handed him moments before he died.
Falling to the floor
Viking read a single word on the note
Greyfox had handed him;
~ ….ian
~ 5-17-14