By: Soulprobe7~

His whispers were not heard
his loneliness filled the air
and spread with breezes
reflecting Karma’s fare
Life’s voided desire
and she still loved him
the way a pencil loves fire
scribbles in black and white
She flew to her mansion
sins dissolved in forgiveness
while he fluttered close to hell
smoldering within intentions
He mourned her everyday
exhaling dust with might
upon the raven’s wing
drying into clay without flight
Loneliness his death wish
breaking the limbs
until there’s nothing to climb
and all sunsets have gone dim
Darkness fades into rain
splintering the eyes of soul
into a thousand shards
of regret only death knows
He whispers to God
let me die
the curse is he will not
and he doesn’t know why
Sins of our fathers
as poppy’s gathered
into a bouquet
and seeds scattered
The mountain prays
each hour “mercy!”,
damn it whispers the flower
beneath the boulder