By: AzurreDawn~.

When first we met
you came in a waking dream

guided by your will and wisdom
my heart was lifted unto Thee
for a future moments recognition
As the days of the world passed
I heard footsteps of a stranger
that walked upon a familiar path
I questioned not their destination
but the step first taken
when I felt love
I followed
The life of the stranger opened to me
a life lived in understanding, wisdom and salvation
in service to the many
releaving the tears of the lonely and lost
needs of the sick and the poor
fear in the hearts of the broken
Then came a beautiful day
bright with the light of the sun
I stood on a path in a mountain town
far off the streets near a temple cave
the sound-prints of the strangers footsteps appeared
a form unfamiliar stood before me
and the heavens opened
my Beloved stood in all His Majestic Glory
a fountain of radiant light from the will of love
a gift of life to my heart
in silent service to the world of men
And the form was yours
the strangers footsteps I now know
always in silent service in the world of men
© 1981 ~AzurreDawn