By: Black Reign~

~Collaboration With Raven Blackrose~

dancing raven

Even in the darkest beast, one can find beauty.

If they look through the eyes of love.
Seeking a fading light, just out of reach
as the heavens reign from above.

Too soon, two souls become one,
While two hearts are left longing.
Darkness melds upon two minds
they’re chemistry is haunting.

A connection so strong it spans the distance.
Feelings are so real,
one can feel the others touch.
Yet both their hearts will heal.

The realm of desire turns to ash
as the moon sets low upon us.
to need you so bad and not to receive
we both shall turn to dust.

Feeding off the dismal past
true love it will prevail.
two shadow;s dancing in the night
their friendship will not fail.

Tempers flare as longings go unfilled.
Both fighting an attraction that can’t be real.
he has instilled a certain reality,
she now begins to feel.

A calmness in the darkness, a silence so surreal.
they dance within the keyboard,
in lacy shades of teal.
They both live in a fantasy…knowing it can’t be real…..