By: Daisies~

Folded and faded they lay upstairs
‘Neath boxes piled high with junk
Secured inside a lid never pried
Of an ancient rusty trunk
In a house where renters often dwelled
Overlooked they lay unknown
The letters written by two lovers
In an era now long gone
The secrets and mysteries there within
Told in loving, vivid detail
Silenced by the darkened attic
And the ever growing webs
Ribbons of blue faded now by time
Marked history in blazing glory
Of wars and stars and great famine
And told the lover’s story
“When the war is over I’ll be walking
To try to make my way back home
Here’s hoping this letter will reach you
If all of Georgia is not gone”
Pages dried with tears that once had cried
Had long since grown yellow with age
The battle lost with such great cost
And the rampant it had waged
Books now tell of the heroic deeds
Of the valiant commanders and the dead
But silent are those sweethearts of the war
Left in letters in a trunk unread
© Daisies