Black Reign

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Name: Michael Gagain

Where do you Live: Milford Ct.

Screen Name: Black Reign

How long on-line   15 months

How long in LNP     3 months

Age:    51

Occupation: home renovator/mechanic

Education: 10th grade

Few People know that Michael is interested in: Antiques and Drawing

Favorite Poets: Poe/Dickinson/Ralph Waldo Emerson

Favorite Book: The sun also rises

Top 5 interests & hobbies outside of poetry…

1) Antiques and refurbishing furniture

2) auto/truck repair

3) drawing

4) on-line chatting

5) movies and film

Favorite Sports/Teams: Dallas cowboys and the New York Yankees

Favorite Music/Band : Led Zeppelin & Alice in Chains

Favorite Movie: The Godfather & Goodfellas

Favorite Foods: Italian/Lasagna

Favorite Poem: oh my…many

If you could meet any poet, who would it be?    Poe

What made you choose that poet? Who wouldn’t…He was a dark genius

Current Projects: Two bathroom remodeling jobs

Favorite Quote…

I became Insane with long intervals of

horrible sanity


Top websites you would recommend

1. AllPoetry.com / Late Night Poets

2. AllPoetry.com Altered States

3.Writing .com

Published Name: Michael Gagain


Twisted Rhymes from an Altered Mind

What was your first poem about?   the horror within…

How did you get to this stage in your writing?   by writing every single night

Tell us about your Journey…   It’s been the most wonderful time of my life….

Michael started writing 15 months ago….before that he never wrote a word….He swapped drugs for a pen and never looked back.

my first dark poetry book “Twisted rhyme from an altered mind” Has recently been released…  and I look forward to many more…

AllPoetry.com has been instrumental in my journey as a poet…and i have met many wonderful poets here and have learned a great deal….

Which poet do you feel has influenced you most ?    Poe

What advice do you have for poets wanting to publish their works?   Do it…you’ll be glad you did…

Member of…

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