By: NoahWereman~

I knocked upon a flower.
I knocked upon a sea.
I knocked upon a mountain
I knocked upon a tree.
I knocked upon the starshine.
I knocked upon the moon.
I knocked upon the morning.
I knocked upon the noon.
I knocked ’til hands were blistered
and all my fingers numb
but still He didn’t answer
and still He didn’t come.
Though saddened and so weary
and doubtful of my goal
in quiet desperation
I knocked upon my soul.
Its only then He answered.
My eyes, they opened wide.
I asked of Him a question.
“My Lord, why do you hide?”
“I’ve searched for you all over.
I hunger and I thirst.”
He smiled a bit and answered,
“I’ve been here since the first.”
“You’ve looked in my creations,
the workings of my hand,
the animals and forests,
the water and the land.”
“But yet for all your searching
you have forgotten one.
My greatest of creations
is simply you, my son.”
I knocked upon a chamber.
I knocked upon a door.
I know where He is living
and now I knock no more.
2010 A Noah Trifle
ISBN 10: 0-9815846-8-3