By: NoahWereman~

Please fletch me an arrow kind Cupid
o fat little pink cherubim
for I have been thoughtless and stupid.
Without her I’m grumpy and grim.
One feather should tell her I’m lonely.
One feather should state that I’m blue.
Another should say that she’s only
the one that I’ll ever pursue.
The wood of its make should be willow
that weeps like I’m weeping for her.
My tears stain the folds of her pillow
I clutch to bring memories astir.
Perhaps you’ll need more than one arrow
more feathers than make up a bed
so pluck you the starling and sparrow
to fletch her the words left unsaid.
And when you have sated your quiver
and strung up your sinewy bow
fly swift to my dear and deliver
the love that we knew long ago.
4.6.14 A Noah Trifle
ISBN 10: 0-9815846-8-3