I began writing at 9 years old. I entered a National Contest at Sorensen Elementary School in San Juan, Texas with the topic being “Why do you think you have the best mother? “ and won third place.  I do not know how many entrants or who the publication was but they sent me a nice letter, which they read in front of the class and then all the grownups that talked to me started telling me that I was going to be a writer.  I have been in denial since then.  I never considered myself a writer and I simply write because I can.

What was your first poem about?

I honestly don’t remember.  I have written so many things and never kept track.  I have always felt like I could create another piece anytime I wanted to.  Only recently, have I started to keep track of writing.  This is true.  I never even considered myself a writer at all. I like All Poetry because it has so many tools, so that even a knucklehead scoundrel can learn from what my observation from this site, talented writers.  Perhaps that distant dream I have of writing something that will stay behind when I am gone, will in fact become a reality.  I really would like to leave it for my daughter and Grandkids if we have any.  Delusional fool!


We know this person as (Mickey1022) on aol.  They have been a regular in the Late Night Poets in All Poetry  Chat since May of the year 2014.

Origin of S/N

I chose this name because I have a tattoo of Mickey Mouse on my back.  I am the oldest of seven children and my father, who is against tattoos used to tease my brothers about tattoos they had, saying that there are only two things that get tattoos, (the Jewish people because they didn’t have a choice during the Holocaust and cattle)  And that we should not get tattoos.  So me, being the oldest and being all over the world with all these fellow soldiers never even had an urge to do this…and I almost got away with it …except during a mission at White Sands, New Mexico on one of my birthdays, the group I was with took me out.  After they found out that I had been on all these military missions to all these places all around the world, they felt it was wrong.  They used my leadership position against me and called me out… so they gathered money and told me that they would pay for any tattoo I wanted.  What they didn’t know was that I was thinking of my Dad. So, I agreed… I thought, what could be the most inoffensive that even my Dad would not have anything to say… and I came up with Mickey Mouse… It worked. No one has ever said anything to me, (except my gym buddies asking why Mickey… which this story is classic) and I carry it on to everything else… Because who doesn’t like Mickey?  That’s my story and I am sticking to it… Lol!


Published Name:

Jose Hernandez Jr.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a man has been part of history.  I joined the military out of High school and before I knew it, deployed to Iraq for the Gulf War.  War isn’t glamorous like people think it is.  I was in Berlin when the wall came down. If I would have known you then I would have shipped each of you a piece.  My family received pieces. I still have mine in my war chest.  I went on the last tour to East Germany and visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier there.  The PLO had a wreath on display at the tomb, when I visited, and it was supposedly signed by Arafat.  I boxed in an Expo for the Army in St Petersburg, Russia against Russian soldiers and won.  In fact, they had just changed the name to St. Petersburg.  I was able to exchange cigarettes and hats with Russian soldiers along the Fulda Gap.  I have had contact with actual prisoner of wars. I have seen a human being disintegrate because they stepped on a landmine.  I went to Afghanistan for that war. The most humbling experience ever, has to be taking care of catastrophe victims.  Tears my soul out more than the mass casualty I had with the school of children in Asadabad, Afghanistan.  I wasn’t able to help in Katrina because I was deployed but with Hurricane Ike in Galveston, Texas, being part of the relief effort was, like I mentioned, humbling.  I also was able to provide security for Dick Cheney, President Karzai, and the First Parliament meeting in Kabul. Anyway… for the history buffs, I have been part of it. I now enjoy saying I am retarded military.  (LOL)


I first discovered Late Night Poets in All Poetry by accident and think  it is a useful tool.  It is filled with great personalities, good chat that stimulate topics you can write about and has tools that will allow for editing with the use of peer writers.  This is a place where writers congregate and hang out.  If you write because you enjoy it, then join this chat.  I have never felt unwelcomed and would recommend it to anyone.

I feel that the LNP Poets on All Poetry  are spirits full of ideas that are waiting to find away to release their inner voices.  You can only write what you have inside.  This is an excellent support group and an excellent way to learn from others. 

My poetry has never been published.  I personally don’t think it is as respectful to the greats, and if I ever published it would be for more personal reasons.  There are too many great writers, and poets. I think about the greats like Homer, Rumi, Angelou, Whitman, Shakespear, Plath, Frost, and Cummings oh and my heart just goes on…. 

My poetry is available at these URL’s:

  1. All Poetry

  2. Contentedly

  3. Facebook

  4. Poets of Lates

Since I am new, I still haven’t had a most valuable experience in LNP but I am working on it because you can never stop growing as a writer.

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 Where do you live:

McAllen, Texas     United States Of America

How long on-line  

Since February 2014… (Wink)

How long in LNP   

Since May… (all smiles)


Ancient….  46

Occupation :

Customer Care Representative with JVC Kenwood


2 years College

Few People know that you are interested in:

 Writing a Classic Book

Favorite Author

I have so many….

John Steinbeck/ JR Tolkien/ Charles Dickens/Harper Lee/Albert Camus/ JD Salinger/ Sylvia Plath/Alexander Dumas

Favorite Book…

I have too many to list… The Iliad, The Hobbit, Wuthering Heights, Oliver Twist, The Grapes of Wrath, The Count of Monte Cristo, To Kill A Mockingbird, Huck Finn…. No, this is now torture….

Top 5 interests / hobbies outside of poetry…

1) Reading

2) Boxing

 3) Eating

 4) Poker

 5) Fishing

Favorite Sports/Teams: 

Football (Dallas Cowboys) /Basketball (San Antonio Spurs)

Favorite Music/Band:

Tears for FearsAdvice for the Young at Heart – YouTube

Alejandro SanzQuisiera Ser – YouTube

GipsyKings Viento Del Arena – YouTube

Favorite Movie: 

Band of Brothers

Warrior (2011) – IMDb

Favorite Foods: 

Paella and Sangria…

Favorite Poets: 

Rumi/Walt Whitman/Angelou/Frost/Poe

Favorite Poem: 

Homer (Iliad)

If you could meet any poet, who would it be?   

Toss up!  Walt Whitman/ Maya Angelou / Mark Twain

 What made you choose that poet?  

Their personalities…. It exudes a soul…

Current Projects: 

Writing… Collecting my work and writing… I’ll worry about editing when I am so old I know it will be close to leaving something for my daughter and wife to remember me by….  Us non writers that write because we can’t think of anything else better to do… (Smile)

What inspires you as a poet ?

Human Nature.

How did you get to this stage in your writing?

My love for writing has got me to this point.  I have a willingness to learn..from the best…

Tell us about your Journey…

I always thought that an intricate piece to writing was research.  I figured if I went out and lived life a little, then I would have a good platform to write from. So the living part has been extravagant…. Now comes the writing part…. (let’s see how it fares)

What was your “aha” moment … that helped you decide to publish?

I don’t think I have ever had one of these moments…  I have been getting acquaintances that tell me I should consider doing it, but the greats were such phenomenal people… How could I ever dare aspire to be as great as they…  the best I can aspire is to be comfortable in my owns skin… and if greatness comes, asks me to dance, then I will say show me how… and we will dance… because the human spirit is capable of doing anything as long as it is open to learning….

Share a few of your favorite poetry resources…..

  1. www.dailywritingtips.com

  2. http://writetodone.com

  3. www.stumbleupon.com

  4. www.phrases.org.uk; www.phrases.net

  5. www.writersfm.com

Which poet do you feel has influenced you most?

Walt Whitman/ Robert Frost

 Favorite Quote 

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Edmund Burke


(I used to have a teacher that used to tell me all the time…” Polish the Marble … I expect to see your writing in the future… In the mean time perfect your craft and polish the marble… Write!”.) 

Here is some thought about writing….. Dedicated to all the writers (especially the ones in denial) Smile.

Fetch Me From The Trees

I bivouac in orchards of souls
ripening to the sound of plummeting.
Centuries of harvests disappearing
into a reveille of bombardment.

A barrage of cries, curses, applause, and throes
leaping towards the swallowing earth.
Truth is waiting at the end of delivery
into some kind of omnific purpose.

The logic of prolific sermons clenches
tightly on my throat leaving me breathless,
moving forward into the infinite of
the perpetual journey forevermore.

I do not know God but I know of God
before I knew God knew of me.
Plummeting harvests kiss me goodbye
asking me to listen to their honesty. 



  What advice do you have for poets wanting to publish their works?

Just write… Don’t do it for the glory!  Do it because you can.  Good writing is a discipline.  We all have a personality… Let that be your style… Stay humble.  A word is a word.  It will always be a word.  A writer makes it human… This is the audience that is reading your work… human… make them love your work… writing is like respect… you earn it…. Be patient. The biggest sin a writer can commit is not writing at all.

(Don’t listen to me)  Listen to the classics…

What methods have worked best for you?

Write now, talk about it later with someone that cares to mentor.  All Poetry has some great concepts and some great tools.  I have met some incredible people here…and if you told them that, I would just smile.