By: Cally2001~

a gift of lifeWhen My Sun Goes Down.

When the day comes that I am to leave here
don’t close me in wood so I lose my sight.
Give my heart to someone in greater fear
so they might feel the warmth of morning light.
Give my eyes to one that has never seen
a golden sunrise or the stars at night,
nor the colors of autumn at full beam,
or the Eagle that spreads its wings in flight.
Let my blood flow to the veins of sorrow
that fights for life from the moment of birth,
with cries and hope for one more tomorrow
and the sweetness of life upon this earth.
Utilize my cells so that they might grow
so the deaf can hear the roar of the sea
and the rippling sound of the river’s flow
that nurtures the roots of the willow tree
To remember me is to grant my plea
of all I ask before my last goodbyes
so perhaps what was intended for me
you will someday see in another’s eyes
Reduce to ashes what is left of me.
Scatter them freely to nourish the earth
that lets me live on once again to be
a part of the living days of my birth.
Orania Hamilton