By: CCPoems4U~

He lives in my mind, but not by design,
It’s not my idea at all,
I sit down to write, and to my delight,
GIANT stories, some great and some small.
The words seem to flow, wherever I go,
But the GIANT, he dictates the tale,
The words just appear, as he states very clear,
Put your money in Marcellus Shale.
So lucky am I, just a regular guy,
Yet His stories have quite a few fans,
I’d be happy to write, about flying a kite,
But the Giant, he has other plans.
Before going to bed, Inventory my head,
To check on the GIANT and friends,
Here in Ditherum Dee, Life is easy and free,
And of course, the fun never ends.
Just as expected, all safe and protected,
As the GIANT assures, “all is well“,
It’s all so serene, like a painting, it seems,
What a story, but no one to tell.
And the stories go on, from dusk until dawn,
The tears and the laughter soon follow,
From beginning to end, the GIANT and friends,
Spin their yarns, each night in the Hollow,
Tonight’s story is true, It’s about me and you,
And the fun we have reading these pages,
But far from the crowd, Men serving and Proud.,
And POW’s still are living in cages.

A reminder my friends, here the fun never ends,
But POW’s, MIA’s not yet surmounted,
Just a prayer we can say, each night and each day,
Till all are at Home or accounted.
D.O. Smith 10