By: CCPoems4U~

Music soothes the savage beast,
at least that’s what they say,
Savage, Not the Giant,
But you gotta hear him play.
When YoBob and the Giant,
Dance and sing, and lose control
The Valley shakes and rattles
Not to mention Rocks and Rolls.
The people come from miles around,
To witness their display,
One song after another,
Concert last throughout the day.
Children Dance, and parents lip sink,
As Granddad taps his toe,
It turns into a spectacle,
This Giant rockin show.
YoBob on the Keyboard,
Giant on guitar,
On drums, was Ollie Octopus,
The scene was quite bizarre.
The Giant once again has captivated,
The people of our town,
Everybody comes to listen,
As the Giant’s Band gets down.
But out beyond the grazing fields,
The Wolf is on the prowl,
and all he knows is hunger,
Four legged beast or fowl.

But Wolf, nor Fox or Chicken Hawk,
Can resist the Giants spell,
All come to hear his music,
and the stories he will tell.
Language barriers all broken,
Fox dances with the Cow,
I’d spread his magic round the world,
If only I knew how.
Then in Israel and Lebanon,
and place still at war,
Could all dance to the same music,
Create a bond that would endure.
Endure all lies and prejudice,
All heresy and greed,
And hear the words the Giant brings,
As he sows his peaceful seed.
The Giant has a message,
I’m sure you’ve felt it too.
His word of peace will echo in,
All we say and do.
Although he is imaginary,
His spirit still rings true,
As the magic of the Giant,
Lives on in me and you.
D.O. Smith 08