By: CCPoems4U~

Rumbling, grumbling, earthquake for sure

Our little house quivered from chimney to floor.

The sky remained blue, the sun burning bright,

when a huge shadow turned day into night

A voice, than rang out , resounding and clear.

“It’s just me the Giant , you’ve nothing to fear.”

Come out and play and frolic my friends

“When you play with the Giant, the fun never ends“.


His Rumbling footsteps , grew louder yet,

I could feel in my heart, that he wasn’t a threat.

And as he approached , a big smile on his face,

An image that time, could never erase.

The ground now it thundered ,with each step he took

Thump, thumping of apples, as the apple tree shook.

Wide eyed we listened, once again he’d contend,

“When you play with the Giant, the fun never ends”


“Lets climb in the window, lets run down the hall,

We’ll play peekie and flouski and cattie cattie crawl“.

“Now run up the stairs, and jump on the bed ,

Now fall to the floor, and pretend that your dead“.

Then climb on my shoulders and back out we go,

We’ll climb up the mountain ,and play in the snow.

And if you remember , then yell out my friends.”



Who’s next on the swing, who’s next down the slide

Then I’ll call on a friend and we’ll go for a ride.

Close your eyes now and wish, with all of your might.

I’ll call my friend YoBob, and we’ll soon be in flight.

I hear his wings flapping, I see the trees sway,

That could only mean YoBob, is now on his way.

That’s him in the distance, no need to pretend,

“When you play with the Giant the fun never ends.”


YoBob, say howdy to Daniel and Jenn,

Aren’t you glad you woke up to meet our new friends ?

YoBob just nodded and then winked his eye,

And suddenly there we were high in the sky.

We flew and we flew as the Giant roared out,

instructions to YoBob to circle about.

As the Giants voice bellowed, wonder what he intends.

“When you play with the Giant, the fun never ends”


As we circled the yard, I could see Mom and Dad

Even up here so high, I can tell they were sad.

Dad tending the garden, Mom sweeping the walk,

Lately it seems so rare that they talk.

My brothers a soldier, he serves in Iraq.

Mom and Dad worry, till he’s safely back.

With a tear in his eye, Giant held out his hand,

Lets go visit your brother, and play in the sand.


Giant and YoBob knew just what to do,

As higher and higher and higher we flew.

We came to a place, with a huge Chrystal gate,

Giant went in, but we had to wait.

We waited and waited, no one ever came ,

Suddenly someone called us by name,

The voice said to follow, the road till it bends,

There you’ll find the place, where “the fun never ends”


Then off in the distance , a familiar sound,

Like a thundering herd causing trembling ground.

Then lighter than air, we started to fly,

We dove and we soared till YoBob came by,

And scooping us up on his feathery back,

We flew till we came to a beat up old shack.

A voice from the shack said ”come in little friends,

you’ve found the place where the fun never ends“.


Inside the shack, alone in his chair,

a man dressed in white, with matching white hair.

“Your Giant friend told of your brother at war,

And the hardship your family has had to endure.

Although I can’t change the future or past.

I am the Provider of Memories Past.

my words carry the truth, that you can depend,

Now summon your Giant Mystical Friend.”


Summon the Giant ? OK, I’ll try,

NO need, at the window was one Giant EYE

Then as our group gathered outside ,

YoBob, quietly offered a ride,

And taking our seats in the palm of his hand

YoBob took off , at the Giants command.

The Provider had promised his truth he would lend,

And sadly our time with the Giant would end.


Giant, YoBob and the Provider,

Gathered with us for some hot apple cider.

The Provider spoke softly, beginning his story

He spoke of War, and of Bravery and Glory.

He spoke of my brother, and his actions so brave,

and of all the men who’s lives he had saved.

He carried the message, one my brother sends.

A message of love to his family and friends.


The Provider provided his memories last,

offering wisdom from heros of past.

Then wiping the tears away from his eyes.

The Giant began to say his goodbyes.

Giant and YoBob had shown us the way

Provider had givin us hope for today

I carry his memory, now that hes gone,

But tanks to the Giant , my brother lives on.


D.O. Smith 07