By: CCPoems4U~

They say in the town of DitherumDee,

In the valley of FlandermonFree.

That wishes are kept and hope is abound,

In visions of what is to be.

Nearby is Providian Castle,

Where resides The Keeper of Time,

A place where wishes are heard and considered,

And granted right here in this rhyme.


The Castle, to be seen in the mist of the morn,

And only by righteous of heart,

And those who would break Providian law,

Are sent on their way in the Cart.


The Cart, the cart, the infamous cart,

The transportation of those who have sinned.

A cart that takes those, in the wink of an eye,

To the place where no one has been.


There , standing guard is the Troll DexBedeviled,

Just as mean as you will soon see,,

Should you cross his path, no matter the cause,

You’ll find just how mean he can be.


But then again back to our story of Woo,

And those who would soon stand in awe,

As they gaze to the heavens in wonder,

Seeing visions no one ever saw.


Running for cover, sprinting the trail,

Pandemonium gripping the crowd.

In fear for their lives the throngs made their way,

All while shouting and screaming aloud.


Off in the distance, enjoying the show,

The GIANT and YoBob, awaited,

Knowing full well, that coming their way,

A Riot, emotions inflated.


Charging the GIANT, dyer their pleas,

Consumed by their fear unrelenting,

Willing to sacrifice all that they owned,

In the spirit truly repenting.


Why so upset, How may I help ?

The GIANT spoke softly at first,

When no one could answer, his voice it grew loud

As he questioned expecting the worst.


Why were you summoned, why do you fret,

Tis the Trickster of DitherumDee,

He chose this charade to Attest to his might,

And in turn, get a rise out of me.


You are my friends, he wishes me harm,

However he has gone way too far,

Striking fear to our town, is over the top,

His intentions I find quite bizarre.


And so I must do, that which I hate,

Retaliation is never preferred,

But allowing this menace to harm my beloved,

Turn a cheek while not saying a word.


Not this time my friends, but forget what you see,

Remember not my retribution,

I need to address this as only I can,

But this is not my normal solution.


The Trickster is going on a little trip,

From there he’ll do no further harm,

With DitherumDee at peace once again,

There is no further cause for alarm.


As evil collides with the essence of good,

All hell very well could break loose,

But not when the GIANT steps in to take charge,

Simply good over evil, No truce.


D.O. Smith 10