By: Dreamer673~

I have seen you in the eyes of strangers
I have heard you in the symphonies of dream time
I have wished for you on the dark edge of hope
And hoped for you in the moments of still awakening
I have mistaken you for others
The chattering ego and the carousel of mind thought have
Captured my attention but have not fulfilled me
I have despaired in believing I had been abandoned
Turned my back on things soft
Chiseled out identities for myself
And tried to carve a niche in this universe without you
Still satisfaction eludes me
This oak cries out for its’ roots
The shell aches for wholeness
I sit like cut flowers
Essence drifting
Time sands shifting
All is naught if not for love
Bring back the pulse of the fervor
The passion that sung like a madman
Let me weep in the pain of apartness
Then fill me with all the is you
Let us eat of my heart in a lovers feast
And feed the fires of need
Let them warm me until at last they consume
And sear away the rust and tarnish
On this once faithful soul
Whisper in my ear the words of the great nothingness
Show me what the stars look like beyond the veil of illusion
Purify me back into wonderment
Mold me back into myself