By: DarkBlueDominion~

welcome to the late night party of tea,
exotic green flavors
tingle the mind and the tongue,
we are so glad that you could attend,
relax into a vulnerable hush and partake,
you know it is okay, don’t worry you’re here with us,
what was that, feel you’re losing your way,
well good thing you left a trail of crumbs
to get you back from where you came,
but now it’s starting to get dark ,
and oh,your crumbs were eaten up by the lark,
perhaps the owl could tell you the way,
there he is right over there, with his latest prey,
he is very old and you know,and he is all grey,
but now listen, are you sure you cannot stay,
we are just starting to have fun,
and there’s lots more in store to come,
sure you wouldn’t care for some more tea,
oh wait… oh don’t pick up that toad,
don’t you know he never fails to pee.
so just sit back and observe
and very shortly you shall see,
just how we do things here at our party of tea,
be careful not to get to close to the edges,
you could slip off and fall into the cracks,
some that has happened to, have never been back,
if you stay real still you should be safe,
one can never be for sure, when you’re in this place,
but there are a couple poets,they are ok,
just don’t look them in their face,
and oh, there are them couple trees,
try not to sit to close,
they tend to like to squeeze,
so just relax and sit back, and enjoy the show,
this place will soon light up
then shine with magic glow.

-2006- DominionPress-