By: DewDotSag~

I clung to you so desperately
My senses blindly held
Your touch electrifying,
My fears silently quelled
I felt your breath upon my cheek
Your lips brushing my own
You whispered tender words of love
My empty heart bemoaned
I knew the passion of your kiss
The need within your loins
In raptures fury tenderly
Our souls became conjoined
Your touch sent shivers down my spine
My body wanted more
And all was lost in ecstasy
And passionate amore.
The fire burning in my soul
You tended in the night
You held me heart to heart
Until days dawning light
Still wrapped in after glow
From dreams nocturnal tryst
I woke, your name still on the lips
That you had never kissed!
By Sandy lee
© 2014Sandy lee (All rights reserved)