By: Dreamer673~ 

she is a newly formed butterfly, she just cracked the cocoon
barely getting to know the difference between the sun and the moon
The winds whispers tossing her to and fro
she never knew as a catterpillar she would become so
delicate and fleeting..heart barely beating
as time flies by her wings grow in strength
the summer of her life relieves some of her angst
she believes in her inner voice for it’s never steered her wrong
she goes exploring upon the breeze  and listens to its song
stay away from the spiders web
and out of children’s grasps
for a spider eats what’s stuck on its threads
and a kid won’t think twice of pinning your wings with tacks
fly bright and fly mighty with your colorful flair
for you have but 24 hours before you’re no longer there
so she flew to the flowers of pansies and roses
for every butterfly knows this
to pollinate the gardens is her highest purpose
but as for an ode to her beauty
we barely scratch the surface
she smiles at the light and sleeps in the dark
her wings a constant flutter
her grace so astounding in leaves a mark
in the memory of any eyes that sight her
and when her full day is finally ending
she sweetly lands, her glory unbending
even when saying goodbye
to the earth that birthed her
she sing one last song
to the dark before the  dawn
I’ve tasted the posies
 their nectar so sweet
Ive flown with the eagles
felt the wind in my wings
I grow tired and must close my thousands eyes
but I must say one thing which may come as some surprise
for my body may decay..my wings will no longer fly
but I am a part  of everything I’ve touched
so I will never die