By: Dreamer673~

Let me run my tongue along the lines of your history
Around the curves of your past
Winding up to today, here
Digesting through Braille the pricks and pathways
That have helped to form you
Let my breath communicate what my voice cannot form
Let me smooth your worn roads for a time
With outstretched arms
Let us seek out the children of our woods
Hiding behind the large oak
Shivering in the nights mist 
Let us decorate their faces with the paint of fireflies
Let me hold in my hands my watchparts
The glass marbles of memories
The relics of my heart
The workings of my mind
There are bubbles so fragile here
 filled with the image
Of all that hope contains
Let them float
With starlit blues swirling on their surfaces
Let me whisper through your museums
Eyeing your artifacts
Warming the glass that contains them with my fingers
Until the bolts fall loose and I can feel their textures
Let us leave the shutter open until we are overexposed
Allowing the negative space to evaporate
Then hide with me in the dark room as we develop
For the times when we walk separately
We can carry these photographs to remind us