By: Rain Hikari~

A long walk

Soon divided

Between hope, lust and fear

An error

Becomes divine

As the end draws near

Silver screen

Without a gleaming gem

Living on out of here


But when the end finally comes

I can’t despair

Despite all my problems you’ll be there


Closing my eyes

Deep lying lullabies

Drawn beneath my faith and dreams

Under sorrow

We might drown

But at least we’d be together

Living for today

Running from tomorrow and yesterday

Under silver linings


But when the end finally comes

I won’t despair

I just wished someday you’d be there


Tired soul

Lost in lies

Keeps on wishing by

Weary tears

Scream goodbye

From the edge on which they fall

Lost cause

Sent away

Won’t be found here no more


But when my end finally comes

I soon despair

I’ll never know if you’ll be there


Rusted on

Deep inside

Suffocated tonight

Days go by

With no shadow in the sky

Above where we lie

A wish

died tonight

On the same ground we once stood


But when my end finally comes

I curse despair

All those wishes sent you there


All this time I’ve worn away

A fear of a specter long gone

A love long worn

Now my heart’s open

On display

For all the good it did me

I looked inside

And found myself

Resting peacefully


But when my end finally came

I didn’t despair

For I knew you’d be there

Rain Hikari on May 20.  © Ryan Miles, All rights reserved