By: Rain Hikari~

I sold my soul tonight

A heavy burden filled with plight

A slowly fading light

A last song and rite


But for once my thoughts were my own

A clear quarantine within the zone

Wind dusting along a rolling stone

leaving me cold and all alone


But I want to hear

I want to fear

Everything that’s so far but so near

For once my thoughts are clear


But I’m still losing my mind

An effort that cannot be put on rewind

Fading away from my own kind

To become the insane leading the blind


But I want to hate

I want to relate

To everything entangled in my fate

I want to wash clean my slate


But I wished someone had told me I was fine

I wish that I had been thrown a lifeline

Not another drop of intoxication in my last wine

I wanted to feel what’s mine


But I want to heal

I want to feel

Everything that looked so real

I want something to bare my seal


But I was contemplating suicide

After everything lied

After everything cried

After everything died


But I wanted to love

I wanted to fly like a white winged dove

Away from everything below and above

I wanted to lay down my glove


But I’ve sold my soul

A vacant stewing black hole

Burning away like bitter coal

Away from everything I stole


But I wanted to roam

I wanted to leave this dome

Away from everything chrome

All I wanted was a place to call home