By: Dreamer673~

On this partner ship we sail upon..
 the wild tides surge
and churn new life to the surface of once dark waters
I notice our reflection in the sea
 I see you
I choose you
Face to face we face our adversities together
we come to feed at the whirlwind banquet of
the nutrition rich passion
Mutual mercy courses through us
and resets our compass
over warmer waters.
You leave wet footprints on my soul
bathing me in your beauty
as we mark each other as personal territory
My sometime erratic heart
that thumps in my chest
skips a beat when I see you
then falls into a new rhythmic formation
pounding out the percussive nature 
 my desire for you.
We are
nurtured by the ebb and flow of a love that will last
A strong force continually climbing to unprecedented levels
We pause
in the moment
and look at the new vibrant colors
our connection mixes into fruition.
like a never seen before orange glow
in the heavens as the sun rises
the dawn of our togetherness
scanning the sky .
.I see you in every star
searching the cosmos
..I find myself in your bare outstretched embrace
forever protecting what we call ours
we begin an archeological dig into the depths
A blooming spiritual sanctuary
We pick up pieces of distinctive artifacts
most would overlook
then lift them like treasure to the light of the spirit.
Such tenderness encourages a trust
both trembling
and holy
We guide each other
shape our new life
and build a playground
for our youthful hearts
to play and dance upon

there will be music
on this island of dreams we create
this realm of sacred union
with this exotic and intoxicating catalyst
we will make sense of the chaotic contents
of our past lives
We will find
on this journey
the unmapped trails
leading behind the veils of illusion
beyond the metaphors of mediocre affections
and into the Mecca of our hearted home
a future of today’s and tomorrow’s
unfurling into a spiral
of unending love
 drawing us into deeper shades of devotion.