By: Dreadlox33~

Come visit me;
If you would
I’m in my desert home
I couldn’t take
The ludicrous …
I’m in my biodome.
I couldn’t take this hollywood
In their excess
And making these god-awful
Bad movies.
Do we really need a
Transformers Eleven?
Do I need to see Arnold
Break a pool stick over
A Meth-head’s skull again?
And what is Clint Eastwood, 97?
What’s with those “bacon milkshakes…?”
Damn that was a brilliant idea.
And why do I have to get
Cheese on everything;
Does my choresterol
Have to top out at 900?
Must I see cleavage in church
From a 16 year old
If people keep texting
In public someone gonna
Pay the ultimate and get shot!
Oh wait …that’s old news.
Why are we letting
These unemployed survivalists
Keep pythons
For pets;
And then let the anake
Swallow their children?
Gosh dumb-bell…
Here’s a newsflash
…it’s a wild animal!
And it might be a novice idea
If we’d stop blaming
The teachers and expect the
Kids do their homework?
Hey dad;
Turn off Duck Dynasty
And claim to be more
Than just a sperm donor!

Am I the only American

Who’d like to give
Kanye a beat down?
And put your hand over
Your heart when the
National Anthem is sung
You low life.  There’s
A lot of good patriots
That died so you could
Forget the words to that song.
And how fully must I appreciate
Some major league ballplayer
Get a $27 million dollar contract
For winning two games last year?
Maybe it wouldn’t hurt
All that much
If the Pope would wear
Plaid for a day
…and change a few of those
Rules that were made up
In the 12th century.
I guess I’m just
A little frustrated with the
Imbalance of the planets
And lack of old world charm.
I can grow my own pot
and make things my
Very own …home
In my Biodome.
~    ….ian
~    3-31-14