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Autographs of His Famous Friends

Her hands cupped over her face

dripped sadness like spring rain

falling from the sill where orchids bloomed beneath.

He just stood there helpless, could do nothing.

She had always been so sensitive,

He could see memories flooding her mind

into puddles where lives had grown . . .


The book just happened to open to the page, that page

she had written on forty years ago

wishing him a successful and happy life

under her autograph, words during a time

when the times were good . . .


She didn’t believe he still had her in his book of famous friends

when she put her arms around him and he said,

“I love you Ma” as he thought how she is now old and frail

and Dad needs her more than ever – that

he will not see them again –

she knew she was saying good bye . . .


When he left early in the morning the sun was shining,

she slept as mocking birds mocked each other . . .



Mother’s Day
I miss the women that inspired me
their guidance, their smile
I miss the kitchen table talks
playing dominoes, rummy,
and penny poker for long whiles
I miss the way the dinner bell rang
and the smell when I opened the screen door
I miss the way it screeched and slammed
and my steps on the hardwood floors
I miss the voice of respect
when men came into the house
they knew to remove their hats
or be labeled as a louse
I miss the southern traditions
the simplicity of a Sunday afternoon
the sounds of church bells ringing
and songs sung out of tune
I miss the stories that are hushed
the details lost in verse
I miss the history I can’t recall
when they walked this planet earth
The women I adore the most
intertwined within my soul
a southern lady and her daughter
and the wisdom they bestowed
I light a candle on Mother’s Day
and close my eyes to see
the colors of their lives
rivering inside of me
I am a bouquet of their essence
brought forth and set free
I am both of them in the mirror
the abstract reflection mimics me



Take me home where the green grass grows

My Mother I must see

Let us take the long and winding road

In the country, I feel free.

Mom is in the kitchen

Now cooking me a feast

I have a dozen roses for my Mom

This will be a treat.


Very late in the night after

When Dad has gone to bed

Mom and I have real long talks

Many things are said.

The alarm clock strikes the morning comes

The dew fresh on the grass

I remember the things we talked about

In my mind you know they last.


Mom she is my true best friend

That she will always be

Of all her children through the years

She paid special attention to me.

With loving deeds of kindness

She saw me all the way through

I loved her back and that is a fact

A Son to her I am true.


They day we laid Mom in the ground

The sky began to cry

Promises I made before her death

I will keep them by and by.

I will always remember my mother

The things she said and did

When it is time to see her again

Is after I’ve made my bid.



Flowers and Chocolate

Flowers and sweets
On this mothers day
One of the many treats
In this month of may
Only a small reminder
Of the love she gives
Her heart cannot be kinder
For as long as she lives
This gift to a mother
Of a special kind
A mother like no other
You will never find
When I was just a boy
She always came to me
Filling my life with joy
That always set me free
Mothers are so special
For all that they do
Their love is so essential
Keep her close to you
Give her all of your love
That she richly deserves
Thank her from stars above
Keeping nothing in reserve
Always keep her near and dear
There is nothing more to say
The special time is here
On this mothers day



A mothers love
A mothers love
the strongest love
Her child very sick.
A mothers love
her love a strength
to give comfort to me.
A mothers love
she showed no fear
so not to frighten me.
A mothers love
she watched me heal
relief upon her face
A mothers love
the strongest love
her strength she gave to me.