Nathan Spotlight

We know this person as Nathan Hill on AllPoetry.com.  He has been
a regular in the Late Night Poets there since March 2014

He feels that the LNP Poets are some of the warmest and most gifted
writers a poet could ever hope to meet.

The most valuable experience regarding his visits to LNP: The flurry of support he receives daily.

You can read his poetry at: Poets of Lates Blog and at AllPoetry.com

Get to  know our spotlight poet by reading our LNP Spotlight Profile

Name : Nathan

Where do you Live: Michigan

Screen Name: Nathan Hill

AOL Screen name: Hotintopeeeka

Origin of S/N: My parents. 🙂

How long on-line? around two months

How long in LNP?  A little over a month.

Age:  Old enough and still too young

Occupation: Freight Technician

Education: College

What was your first poem about?

I began writing at the age of nine, and I remember that the
experience was a much needed outlet as I was a very isolated and quiet
child. The emotions that I wanted to understand concerning my adoption.

What inspires you as a poet?  The thought of taking my readers on a
journey, and leaving a piece of myself with them as a souvenir

How did you get to this stage in your writing?  Through sheer luck and
the support of friends and writers who believed in my work

What advice do you have for poets wanting to publish their works?

Seek out other poets who have published…they are your greatest resource
and allies.

What methods have worked best for you?

 I do not have any set methods, as I abhor developing routines in writing.

 I simply think of the stories that I have loved, and the message I
wish to convey. The rest just happens naturally.

What was your “aha” moment … that helped you decide to publish?

A certain poet has been hounding me as of late. That, combined with
several readers requesting copies of my collection has spurred me to pursue publishing.

Few People know that you are interested in:  Korean Manhwa –
I am currently reading The Breaker: New Waves

Favorite Author…  Jorge Luis Borges

Favorite Book…   Labyrinths

Top 5 interests / hobbies outside of poetry…

1) Reading classic mythology. ( of all kinds, but Greek is my favorite )

2) All kinds of music….from the opera Carmen to Nine Inch Nails

おぼくり〜ええうみ 朝崎郁恵

Obokuri – Eeumi / Asazaki Ikue

Arayashikiku no dei – (in search of a new land)
Harasaku baku no dei – (let’s build a new house)
Hare fushigyurasa nejyuku – (by neatly gathering hay)
Surajifushiro yondo – (to thatch the roof)
Hare fushigyurasa nejyuku – (by neatly gathering hay)
Fushigyurasa nejyuku – (neatly gathering hay)
Surajifusero yondo – (to thatch the roof)

Kirishigaki ku no dei – (at the stone walls)
Kuganeya be tatei tei – (let’s celebrate the golden house)
Hare momo tobyuru wakya – (that was built)
Ya uriba yuwa o yondo – (by a hundred carpenters)
Hare momo to byuru wakya – (that was built)
Momo to byuru wakya – (was built)
Ya uriba yuwa o yondo – (by a hundred carpenters)

Hateigachi ya naryuri – (august draws near)
Tobibani ya neranu – (but i have nothing to wear)
Hare utou katabani – (i want to dress up)
Ya karachitabore – (brothers, lend me a sleeve)
Hitotsu aru bani ya – (i want to dress the children and those i love)
Kanasha se ni kusuitei – (with the single kimono i own)
Hare wanu ya okuyama – (i will wear vines)
Nu kazuradasuki – (that i picked deep within the mountains)

Ojyuugoya no teiki ya – (the full moon shines)
Kami gyurasa teryuri – (far and wide like the gods)
Hare kana ga jyo ni tataba kumo tei taborei – (when my lover comes to visit, i wish the clouds would hide it a little)

3) Being lazy in Sleeping Bear Dunes.


4) Researching Asian and Middle Eastern philosophy.

5) Watching classic science fiction television shows. i.e. Star Trek and

Favorite Sports/Teams: Sumo wrestling…it is theatre and sport all
rolled into one.

Favorite Music/Band: The Gorillaz

Favorite Movie: Silence of the Lambs…..it’s a love story for those with eyes to see it.

Favorite Foods: Anything Japanese…..except natto

Favorite Poet: Charles Baudelaire

Favorite Poem: Exotic Perfume  by: Charles Baudelaire


by: Charles Baudelaire

When with closed eyes in autumn’s eves of gold

I breathe the burning odours of your breast,

Before my eyes the hills of happy rest

Bathed in the sun’s monotonous fires, unfold.

Islands of Lethe where exotic boughs

Bend with their burden of strange fruit bowed down,

Where men are upright, maids have never grown

Unkind, but bear a light upon their brows

Led by that perfume to these lands of ease,

I see a port where many ships have flown

With sails outwearied of the wandering seas;

While the faint odours from green tamarisks blown,

Float to my soul and in my senses throng,

And mingle vaguely with the sailor’s song.

If you could meet any poet, who would it be?   A.H.Hill

What made you choose that poet?

Because he was my father, and he is
dearly missed

Which poet do you feel has influenced you most?  My father and mentor – A. H. Hill

Current Projects: Currently preparing a catalog for publishing

Favorite Quote: Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside
of a dog it’s too dark to read.  – Groucho Marx

Top  websites  you would recommend

1. AllPoetry.com

2. Deviantart.com

3. huffingtonpost.com

4. reddit.com

Tell us about your Journey….

I have been writing poetry for over half
my life. In January of 2011 my father died after a long period in the hospital. Because of this loss, I destroyed my entire catalog and did not write
another poem for three years. Only by the end of February of 2014 did I feel the need to once again pick up my pen and begin weaving the tales you
now read today. For three years I mourned his loss by not writing
I now celebrate his memory with every letter penned. The past two months have been both a whirlwind of writing and fortune.

If you had told me that I would be at this point in my poetry back at the end of February

 of this year, I would have scoffed and claimed you to be a bigger dreamer than I.

I am a lover of stories. Capture my imagination, and you will have captured my heart.

I cannot fully express in words how honored and humbled I feel at the blessings I have
received.  My thanks to all those foolish enough to believe me talented

I delight in the contradiction of being a technician and a poet. A little impish
grin comes over my face when people in my daily life ask me what I do
for fun. I am a tease and a storyteller both on and off the page. I
blame this affliction on my high school drama teacher who cast me in
the role of Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It is a role that I
started playing at seventeen and have continued in till this very day. To know
me is to be both loved and tormented.