By: Nathan Hill~

ourgatories ashesThere was a holy paragon,
who loved a bastard litch.
Condemned to never know the touch,
of skin stained black as pitch.
In gloaming haze on Limbo’s shore,
each twilight they would meet.
Desire burned in every glance,
that could not gain replete.
Here Purgatory’s waters churned,
while orbs screamed out intent.
As every conclave brought remorse,
that left their bodies spent.
Finale known from card’nal glimpse,
both well aware of fate.
Resolve decayed as passions grew,
at exponential rate.
An unembellished brush of cheek,
broke separation’s might.
Embracing bodies pied as one,
in flash of brilliant light.
So now the pair, once cursed apart,
are joined forevermore.
Ashes merged inseparable,
on Purgatory’s shore.
© Nathan Hill. All rights reserved, 7 days ago