By: Dreadlox33  ~



You don’t always know

What has been said.


What promises have been bruised

…or bloodied.

You don’t always know

How often “No” had been DOA’d;

Or how many times a door

Had been slammed shut

…and then locked.


You don’t always know

About the phone calls

Or the credit card debt

Or who betrayed who

…or when “You’re a Jerk”

Has turned into a “Go screw Yourself.”

You may not know

Whose proverbial plane has crashed

And whose heart has gone up in flames

Or whose been pronounced


You may want to put aside

Past transgressions

…and forgive.

And if things can’t be forgiven;

To move the chess piece forward

…screw it then;

And maybe, I guess,

You’ve gotten your answer.


You don’t always know that, well…

Maybe an intervention has been attempted

And that possibly the recipient has

Basically told everyone

To pound sand and said,

“I’m not going anywhere!”

And that there may, indeed,

Be no one left standing

For them to control or manipulate;

Or what dominos will further fall

Into their regretable path.


And if that guy?

That “interventionist” looks you

Straight in the eye

And tries to tell you

He can make it as good as new?

As soon as he tells you that

He is no better

Than a fat bellied snake oil salesman

In a cheap guitar suit.


And if one day you’ve been offered

The very poignant proposition that,

“If you don’t like it …leave?”


Fucking leave!

…and don’t look back

Or feel guilty about it.

Poof …just go!


~ ….ian

~ 3-29-14

~ Outlaw Poetry