BY: DewDotSag~


Sound asleep on Christmas eve

My mind unbridled lay

Imagination was unleashed

My fancy had its way

I saw the jolly elf himself

all decked in furry red

Delivering presents to the good

As he does, I’ve heard, it said.

Dolls all dressed and smiling

boats and balls and bikes

Video games and pogo sticks

And fancy plastic trikes

All night he traveled round the world

Made little dreams come true

Filled socks and left the presents

The way we knew he’d do

Then in a flash I witnessed

Santa on bended knee

I heard him say, my job is done,

Now lord deliver me.

The greatest gift was given

When you were born of man-

Lord let me be a messenger

a catalyst in your plan.

Let parents teach the children

These gifts given in love

Symbolic of the gift Our God

Sent down from up above

And Blessed is this holy night

Each faithful soul is claimed-

The King of Kings, our Savior,

And all heaven has proclaimed.

By: Sandy lee

© 2013Sandy lee (All rights reserved)