By: DaisiesNFld~

All night it struggled to be born
And made its debut in early morn
As crisp and new as fallen dew
Greeting the sun and sky anew
Spring smiled and looked around
Undecided if first to decorate town
But chose pastures and the fields
And blessed them with her colorful yield
Barren spaces with few trees there
And gave them a bounty of their share
Lovingly kept little flower beds
She smiled and kissed and raised their heads
Spring spent the day painting the town
Turning her paint bucket upside down
Every color she could come up with
She touched, she blessed, and then kissed
Peering through the window of a poet
Sitting there without color, not even knowing it
Spring splashed the Note Pad with dazzling paint
The envy of Masters, Artists and Saints
And when poet saw that Spring had sprung
Began painting prose from morning’s sun
Reveling in the joys of new found Spring
Adding color and life to the poetry it brings
© DaisiesNfld