By: DaisiesNFld~.

Flashbacks of a past I see
In the mirror looking back at me
Should one by one I recall
Grant me one pleasant or not at all
Erase all that’s bad, leave me the good
Allow thoughts be nourishing as is my food
If flashbacks are to be my fate
Embroider them with niceties to decorate
A heart grown weary to struggle uphill
Searching a resting place for a heart to still
Shine forth the sun as it has never before
Remove this wreath upon my door
Let their be music in my heart again
So that I might dance when falls the rain
Fill my soul with joy upon each tomorrow
Remind me I’m to relinquish all my sorrow
But keep this mirror ever true and clear
Regardless how often the flashbacks draw near
It serves to remind me that even a wraith
Is held at bay when sustained by faith.