By: DewDotSag~.

My lot was cast on the sea of life,
My sails were beat by the winds of strife.
My hull was battered by waves of shame
And I thought I’d welcome the end when it came.
A fierce storm blew from west to east
And raged and raged, like an angry beast.
Then the sun beat down with a vengeful ray
And weathered my skin and my hair turned gray.
I grabbed the oar and I rowed and rowed,
With blistered hands, till my back was bowed.
Then defeated, I had no hope to revive—
I lay on the keel more dead, than alive.
And from deep within, my soul cried out,
“My God, my God,” it began to shout.
And fraught with fear and misery
It said, “Why has thou, forsaken me?”
And the answer came on a gentle breeze:
“Have you ever, once, called on bended knees?
It is I, not you, if I’m not mistaken…
My child, it’s I, who has been forsaken!”
“When the fierce wind blew and filled your sail
I awaited your call, but, my child, you failed.
You forgot, dear child, or you never knew…
That your Father is always there, for you.
When you charted your course, through the fiercest storm
It is I, who sent the sun to warm.
I never thought that you’d stop and stay
Rowing in circles, day after day.
And again, I waited, to offer a hand
To shield and protect you, to understand.
But my willful child, you did it your way,
And again and again, you forgot to pray.”
And suddenly frightened of the judgment day-
Afraid of what my god might say-
From my fitful dream, I shook awake,
Knelt down and prayed, for my own soul’s sake.
And I either heard, or I dreamed it still
But the Lord spoke out and said, “I will…
Forever be there, on life’s stormy sea,
To lead you home, my child, to me.”  Sandy lee                            

By Sandy lee
© 2009Sandy lee (All rights reserved)