By: Dreadlox33~

Blackened transgressions
the five gated tower;
Grimoires attribute
Key of Solomon’s power.
Eternal damnation
Leviathan’s thrust;
Anointed cathedral
Hard-wired for lust.
Uncontrolled feelings
of hatred and wrath;
Dante’s Inferno
Caligula’s bath.
Insatiable envy
Clearly deprived;
Greed for the master
Aquinas ascribed.
Gluttony’s Nimis
Expansive and waste;
Medieval church deacons
Pioticus tastes.
Scriptures of Tobit
In biblical form;
Robes of confession
Hypocritically worn.
Belvagor’s Demon
In church bells and crosses;
Sloths condemnation
Of plagues, death and losses.
Bread, wine and chalis
Denunciate sinners;
Holy the sacrament
Pray for beginners.
Militant Cardinals
Of hubris and pride;
Religious fanatics

Worshipped and died.
Vain expeditions
Of vices repression;
Steam bath massages
Red-letter confession.
Church pane glass windows
Rain-cleansed and stained.
Lucifer’s paradox
Jackals remains.
The sins of the father.
In secrets and crimes;
Fork-tailed libidos
In darkness enshrined.
~    …..ian
~    2-19-12