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First Place Winner

 best of best trophy


Remember me
When you go to bed
With thoughts of me
Running through your head
Think back to the day
When we were wed
So many things left unsaid
While looking back try to smile
Wasn’t it all worthwhile
Wasn’t it all worthwhile
The little girl
The little boy
Came in our lives
And brought us joy
That made us laugh
That made us smile
Then put me away
For a little while
It couldn’t last
It’s in the past
While looking back try to smile
Wasn’t it all worthwhile
Wasn’t it all worthwhile
Wedding vows were meant to be spoken
But wedding vows weren’t meant to be broken
It must have been so hard on you
To live through what I had to do
But your new love 
Has done you well
You’re happy now I can tell
While looking back try to smile
Wasn’t it all worthwhile
Wasn’t it all worthwhile



Second Place

Forms Rare
The ill of me is not universal
One small clown, temporarily down
from flights of fugue
I can’t stay this way
It made my ink think
the other day while watching war
I like so many things
regardless of crazy men
the french are fine with wine
great foods , and the Louvre’s art
however their reputation,
in the field is to quicky depart
Afghanis seem so strark
yet I remember seeing  
the most beautiful eyes in the world
on an Afghani girl
I knew an Iraqi woman once
child-like and love
who gave me a Christmas present once
a small iron bowl
Odd, you may think
but that was long ago
we lost touch
except when I  touch the never-ending
She told me when I opened that gift
smiling at my questioning eyes
“It’s for a candle, but truly,
it’s so you never forget me”
Celt knots of life bind me
convolutedly and comfortably tied
with gifts from  many landst 
How can we hate so?
In forms rare, we connect, disconnect
I’m sorry about the world
but I never had much trouble
one on one, foreign to me
Tang horses, samovars, Sufi script
rare jewels, strange clothes, uknown tongues
art, grace, love, traditions fine
forget religions, we share time

tableau earth, tableclothed lands
beauty oft made with gnarled hands
It’s a shame that we made Gods
who pulls life from under us….



Third Place


The Hunger

Right from the start , she shows her wit , 
She never has to hunt . 
She sits and waits , anticipates the fate of her next meal . 
She strikes a pose 
rocks back and forth 
her body blends right in. 
As he walks by with her preying hands 
she grips his body tight . 
With just one bite his head is gone 
then she devours the rest of him . 
Tummy’s full she drifts to sleep and dreams of her next meal . 
Today is different 
her hunger has changed 
she hunger’s for a mate . 
She releases a toxin 
that attracts a mate with that she’s sealed his fate . 
She sits and waits 
her toxic drunken mate . 
With his preying hands 
he grips her body tight 
The courtship is over quick . 
As she turns to him 
one bite it’s done she promptly eats his head . 
With her preying hands , she grips his body tight 
and devours the rest of him . 
Her tummy full she drifts to sleep 
she sits and waits 
the generation that is to come . 
The lady preying mantis .



Honorable Mentions


One Last lonely Girl


Listen to my heart

Open up yourself and let me in

Totally in love with a dream

I can’t take not loving you


Let me make you

One last lonely girl

You will always smile

For your heart will know

That you are mine
Promises of a life filled

With rainbows of love

Streaming through the sky

Catching a star with my hands

to match your beautiful eyes


Without a second thought

I pledge my everything

My life

My eternity

Lasting endlessly


Your heart is a light soft flutter

Against mine

Mellowing my moments

To sublime


Let me make you

One last lonely girl

You will always smile

For your heart will know

You are truly all mine



Chessboard fragment


Sixty-four platforms of strife and opposition

Divided by parallel colors into thirty two.

Asphyxiating fingers moving statues in callous motion

Inconsiderate of direction of where to lead them to

Marble-set pattern of black and white set side-by-side

Orderly lines so close to each other, yet ultimately so far

Intricately carved moats so shallow, yet still divide

Does it matter from which color you stand, save that you are?

Glass figurines slide across a checkerboard mirror

Wondering from where the cracks originate

Are they abused pieces, waiting to break

Or do the lines of time lurk in the board

Which cannot be repaired?

Knocked over, will they fall into pieces

Or split the game at where the grooves exist

No longer able to support the weight

Of burdened pieces unequally manipulated

By the broken hands?

The Queen leaps the board in a single bound

While the Pawn watches the Knight step on ahead

The Bishop turns his nose and follows unseen

And the Rook a callous step because it justifies the mean

Was it worth the game, the broken pieces, the scars of the past?

When in the end, to end the game, you only want what the other has.

Animus Exousia


Dance with me


Dance with me

in your mind

Lovers shadows

in the night

Dancing beneath

moonlight bright


As two feathers, on

winds gentle breeze

Spinning, floating

with such ease


Dance with me

close your eyes

Feel  loves gentle touch

Two bright stars

entwined, dancing

across velvet sky

Old man moon

shining down


Two hands touch, yet

miles apart

Two hearts as one rejoice

Dancing in the mind

Gliding gracefully into

the morning light



Time Whispers


Winds whisper in a foreign time

Unknown they drift upon a cusp

Between the worlds of yours and mine

The difference made in all of us


Sweeping shafts of darkness into light

They penetrate the soul of man

Carried afar unto the stars

Blown softly back to distant sands


Where they stay to blow away the day

Until carried far out to seas and spent

In raging waters swept not kept

Whispered back to us they’re sent


Falling softly on the souls of man

Whispered winds stir within hearts

And takes from dust that part of us

Blown into mankind from the start


Build and shield as but a speck

From what we all first became

The winds that whispered now shout out

And call us all by our name


Where from dust we came to remain

A short while until we find

The winds that blow wherever we go

Are but passing whispers until our time



  Midnight Dreams
Warm lonely tears fall down my face
Waking my heart to another morning light
Another new day ocsucres my trail
As my hearts leaves and petals close
To remain still and concealed
Diminishing my wakefullness
In the light of the day ahead
Whispers of love
Promises of dreams that fill my heart
Calling me through the hours of day
To return to the midnight hours of dream
Beckoning my slumber
To rest in your peace
In the place you created
That holds my soul
The silence of your voice
Surrounds me gently
In those evasive moments
Where the embers of day
Bring solace to the coming night
Your voice echoing softly
Through calm of dark
Sounds of chanting
Whispered song
An eoquent waltz
To the music of spheres
Heard by lovers ears
As hearts breathe together
Forever as love
If thee be my beloved
‘The love of my dreams’
Drawing me closer with each sweet kiss
Meeting the depths of our lonely desires
Our days will be cherished
Living in anticipation fo the night
To once again live as Spirit
We were meant to be
Through my heart I constantly search
every obstical, cavern and crevice
For the recognition
Of your breath with mine
Through the existance
Of the this unknown place
You are hidden
By the darkenss of sleeps illusion
In the shadows of time unforgotten
We live as consciousness in my secret place
That space of my dreams untouched
Have I the faith and conviction of soul
To follow wherever love may lead
A tribute to the Love in Soul
O My Beloved!!!
Hold me in peace where your soul resides
An illusion only mine eyes behold
Your purest of essence
Has caprtured my heart
I surrender to you
Reminding me where I need to be
Now and through life everlasting
In the love you share so beautifully
©  Feb 2014  ~AzurreDawn