By: Matt5883~

adult content eye

In a moment of shifting sands of blonde
The footing of my soul slips and I fall
Tortured by the temptation of bronze diamond eyes
Gemstones to fuel carnal lust
Command me my heart screams silently
As naked as birth itself, so flawless
The floating goddess beckons and I obey
What is your pleasure my eyes beg hers
And her cool fingers tempt my flesh
And a tremor sends me thickening
Her graceful hands grip my shoulder length curls
As she forces a kiss to extinguish reality
And I submit to her full attention
Her magic touch casts spells of thievery
And pieces of my will vanish randomly
She slides down before me and her lips touch
Sending electric liquid ripping through my senses
Her mouth, like an extension of the gods
Hints heaven and paradise beyond
As she burns her flaming tongue around me
She stops and looks up and says, now me
She slowly stands then lays back slow
She says take me as no other
Like a bear seeks honey work me lover
Find places I hide and reveal them
By her command I sink to depth of taste
And sip nectar spice and salt
Relaying motion to spark in raindance
With a touch gentler than cotton
But with drive as fierce as a war
Her hands twist in my hair and she pulls me
I don’t need air, there are no needs in heaven
And I am held as her slave so willingly
As her river erupts unendingly
With a motion of finger she orders me down
On my back, before her fair body
She rises above me and sets herself ready
Her face winces and smiles as she sinks
Thick shaft into molten butter, no breath
She says, “I will say when we’re through”
As she rises so slowly again to impale
Her sounds tease my senses to frenzy
From up atop to her depths in a melt
She sinks deep and her hips grind so slow
She holds deep as she rocks her pelvis to mine
Triggering explosions that she cannot control
My handle is hers and she knows it
She rides up and down like a raft on the sea
‘Neath her golden tresses her forehead glistens
Her breath, like a runner ahead of the pack
My motions match hers and I feel myself
Sinking deeply into a goddess and I worship
Her command is that I am to stay up for her
And I do, locking out all except her pleasure
“It is for you my lover” I whisper
As she plunges herself again and again
Wildly calling my name in her gasps
As I touch the inside of her dreams
In a surprise I produce my assistant
The low vibrating hum makes her smile
And I direct the tip to her love spot she trembles
Falling toward me her hair touches my face
He arms hold her up barely as I tantalize
She shivers like a child in the cold
In a great dampness our union is swimming
And her nails sink deep in my shoulders
The goddess on an invisible see saw
Rides up and down on a carousel of ecstasy
Gushing brass ring after brass ring on to me
She looks at me with the blue gemstone eyes
Cum with me now she commands with hoarse voice
Make the world feel this explosion within
She bucks wildly beyond all belief in her glory
It is rising, we feel it, it is coming we know it
She slams down on me hard and it happens
My volcano erupts deep within
She constricts with the strength of a python around me
Milking my very soul of its free will
I quake and I tremor and hold her
Pulled down tightly as we share the ignition
So lost in each other two are now one
And I have paid my honor to the goddess