By: Dreadlox33~

~adult content eye Saturday morning I woke up
Beneath a mountain of covers
…which is as close to heaven
As I can get.
I rolled over next to her
And she edged back closer
Towards me signaling her approval
And that she also was awake
…and slightly
In her own heaven.
With my fist I tapped
On her head three times
And asked if her “computer”
Had booted up yet this morning.
“…not yet,” she mumbled.
I then slid my hand
Up under her flannel nightgown
Stopping serendipitiously
On her derriere.
I playfully squeezed
Each side and told her,
“Honey, this main drive
Might be a little outdated
And I may have to replace it
For a newer model.”
Appreciating my humor
She rolled her head back at me,
Laughed, and reminded me
That I might want to be sure
Because newer models can be,
“…damned expensive.”
I next moved my hand up further
To her breasts.
Warm and “well-proportioned”
I repeated my playful fondling
And now said to her,
“Oh baby…these must be
Those new floppy discs
Microsoft has developed?
Maybe I should “format”
These for you.”
“I thought I remember you formating
Those last night,” she reminded me.
“Besides,” she hummed,
“I want five more minutes of sleep.”
I joked that we had time
To do some “multitasking”
When Max, our three year old
Came bounding into the room
Asking for breakfast;
…some “Fwosted Fwakes”.
“OK, honey,
…I’ll be right down,” she told him.
I reached for her once more
But she was too quick for me.
“Can I play with your “mouse,”
Honey?” I laughed.
As she began walking
Out of our bedroom she stopped
Long enough to look down
At me and ask,
“Why don’t you try playing
With that “joystick”
You’re always so proud
To show me in the shower?”
“Ain’t heaven grand,” I thought.
~ …ian
~ 2-9-14