By: Jet~


Today I told you how

it is that I truely feel for you

I poured my heart out to you

hoping you would feel the same

I had created a paradise

in my mind a place we could live

for all time together and be free

with no worries or cares in

the world just the two of us

when you told me you do

not feel the same way that I feel

you broke my heart in to

a million pieces as

a burned paradise came to mind

dreams and hopes I had for the future

now come crashing down all around me

wishing now that I never was c

ompleatly honest by telling you

how I truely feel now believing

I should have continued

to keeps my feelings hidden

so my heart would not have

been broken and I would

not have a burned paradise in my mind

I never thought once that by being

honest with you that

it would mean losing you

from my life for you never walked

away before when

I told you the truth

all that I did this time was tell you

that I love you and that I dream of you

how I wish that I never told you

those words for now I stand alone

with no hope of you returning

to me all that is left are shattered dreams