By: LaGrif~

The dark, turbulent, cruel waves toss and heave showing an angry splendour,
Stabbing darts of icy rain crash headlong into the swelling breakers in surrender.
So cruel in aspect is the pitching maelstrom as it lashes its bitter spiteful attack.
Implacably smashing the shoreline, briefly retreating, only to relentlessly come back.

Then in a matter of seconds as if suddenly calmed by some unseen godlike hand,
The sea becomes quieted and still, just the surf surging forth to kiss the land.
As sun reflects glinting sparkles upon the waves the sea mimics the Azure of the sky.
The singing surf tosses its white foamy head to the screeching gulls passing by.

What a spectrum of dramatic beauty can be seen in the horizon from the shore
As the ozone in the salty air refreshes and breathes life into the soul once more
Whilst the beach warmed by the sun caresses our feet with its sticky grainy sand
The dangerous sea calls to us enticingly luring us from the safety of the land


Author Notes

LaGrif (Bryan S Griffin)

© LaGrif – Bryan Sydney Griffin. All rights reserved