We hear the plaintive bell that tolls
The eagle sheds a tear
Old Glory waves in gentle breeze
And we live without fear.
Because they did, because they would
Because they gave their all
The heroes who gave us this land
Are not names on a wall.
Their someone’s son or daughter
Someone who had to weep
Someone who’s heart is broken
For the freedoms that we reap.
They’re someone’s special sister
Or someone’s loving bro
They’re someone we’d be richer
If we had a chance to know.
They’re someone’s darling sweetheart
They’re someone’s dearest friend
They put their all upon the line
This nation to defend.
And now they lie in rows so neat
Their legacy we mark
With stones that bear their name and rank
And stand lone vigil, stark
But in the hearts and in the mind
In every American’s soul
Will live forever- their sacrifice
-For them the bells that toll.
Sandy lee