By: AzurreDawn~


What sadness is this

what lies are these

that hold mans love estranged

why is it we see only differences


Perhaps it is an attempt

to protect our hearts

or is the distance

the need to understand it


Seem we live in a void of fear

dismissed, suppressed to the depths of our souls

hidden behind walls of solitude, isolation

the lonely, unexpressed music of the heart

denied, unspoken, lying in the stillness of loss

un-revealed in itself


I see reluctance lying hidden in the eyes of all I meet

their words, their speak

the withdrawal behind a wall of social grace

only the illusion of welcome       

the pretense of love and friendship

built upon elusive alibis of personal status quo


If we honestly embrace the moment

touching one another through the emotion

of silent hearts unguarded

would not a moment of grace

give majesty to the gift of love that lays sleeping

ever so innocently, attempting to open to us    

as the desire to be loved


Perhaps it is an inability to risk being hurt

shadows of latent pain, burning the present, blurring the future

acting as an unspoken dictate to remain forever guarded and


as an unconscious mandate

silently influencing the myth of separateness

in its misguided attempt to protect the heart


Perhaps this birth

is the need to understand

the lack of recognition in OurSelves

for love sliently waits

for the Awakening In Us All

                              ©  1986  ~AzurreDawn